Navy Stripe Teepee

Navy Stripe Teepee

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Part of our LIMITED EDITION Market Range, this one off design is perfect setting for imaginative play. As beautiful as it is fun. Younger children will enjoy playing camp, hosting a tea party and allowing their imagination to run free (a shop one day a space rocket the next!). As they grow up, the teepee grows with them and becomes the perfect den for settling down with a favourite book or chatting with a friend. Easy to put up and compact to store, each teepee comes with poles, pole tie and storage tie.

Product Details: 

  • A natural canvas teepee accented with navy stripe print doors. Available with the addition of a padded playmat. 


  • Fabric outer of teepee is made from 100% natural cotton canvas. 
  • Wooden poles are FSC certified tulipwood.


  • Our pole package includes the upright structural poles PLUS 3 x base poles which slip easily into cleverly designed channels at the bottom of the side and back panels. The base poles give the teepee additional support when in use and easily slide out for storage. The teepee can be used without these poles if desired. 
  • Your teepee will arrive complete and set up on the poles, ready to open out and play. 


  • Base: 100cm x 100cm
  • Height when set up: 179cm 
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