Helpful Tips 

Get your teepee up right and let the adventure begin!  Follow this quick guide to get the best from your LittleMe Teepee:

1)  Fan poles out to form a square at the base 

2)  Slide the teepee fabric to the bottom of each pole 

3)  Move each pole outwards so fabric is tight on all sides 

4)  The pole tie should sit 15cm from the top of the fabric and the fabric at the top of the teepee should form an open square hole (if it doesn’t, slide the pole tie closer to the top). See photo 1 

5)  To tighten or re-tie the pole tie; weave the pole tie in and around the poles and then pull the ends as tight as it will go and knot. See photo 2 

6)  Slide one base pole into each of the specially designed channels at the bottom of the two side panels and the back panel. The opening for the poles is located at the inside left corner of each panel. 

  • Enjoy inside or outside but keep dry.
  • Spot clean only.
  • To pack away; remove base poles, pull the four structural poles together and wrap the fabric around itself.

No camp fires please! - Keep away from flames.

*** Always supervise children at play ***

Happy camping! x